Extol wind flagship product is ideal for wind energy hybrid projects with solar or DG set. Direct Drive PMSG wind turbine with full converter can easily accomodate additional solar capacity and back up DG sets. This is ideal set up for projects in remote areas, islands, off grid projects.

Unlike large grid connected projects, these projects require more complex progarmming and all the sources of energy working with each other to maximize output from renewable sources and minimize consumption of fossil fuel..

Hybrid projects can be clubbed with storage projects. This requires back up batteries. These storage system are designed on the basis of consumption and generation from renewable sources. 


'Wind Energy Hybrid / Storage projects

Wind Energy for your Organization

Extol Wind's distributed wind energy provides opportunities for municipal buildings, and private organizations to switch to green power.  Public institutions, private establishment in windy areas  can economically use wind energy generated in their premises or at any other windy sites. Municipal utilities, Schools, Manufacturing units, Universities, Town halls, Water treatment plants, Farms etc. with large patch of land can benefit from distributed generation with net metering.

Net metered PPA (aggregated, remote and group) provides credit for power fed into the utility. Many private establishment including agriculture and dairy farms, commercial establishments, shopping centers, malls and industrial parks and warehouse continue to make significant saving in their utility bills using net metered wind energy at their site.