Wind Energy for your Organization

'Wind Energy @ No Investment'

Extol Wind's distributed wind energy provides opportunities for municipal buildings, and private organizations to switch to green power.  Public institutions, private establishment in windy areas  can economically use wind energy generated in their premises or at any other windy sites. Municipal utilities, Schools, Manufacturing units, Universities, Town halls, Water treatment plants, Farms etc. with large patch of land can benefit from distributed generation with net metering.

Net metered PPA (aggregated, remote and group) provides credit for power fed into the utility. Many private establishment including agriculture and dairy farms, commercial establishments, shopping centers, malls and industrial parks and warehouse continue to make significant saving in their utility bills using net metered wind energy at their site.

Extol Wind offers 'wind energy projects, in select locations, without an upfront investment. Green power generated from wind turbine near the point of consumption is purchased back by the consumer. Consumer enjoys clean energy at discounted rates and saves millions of dollar over the life time of project.

Unlike lease purchase of wind turbines, 'No investment' option does not have fixed quarterly payments. Payment obligation arise only from energy consumed at PPA rates. This  arrangement also hedges for increase in utility prices.

Facility to switch to green energy is available for community and distributed wind energy generation projects in parts of United States including Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, California, Texas, Kansas, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, Arkansas, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Developers and wind energy consultants are encouraged to contact on behalf of their clients.

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