Extol Wind is a manufacturer of utility scale wind turbines. It is among select companies in the world that have proprietary technology for direct drive wind turbines. High performance gearless direct-drive turbines are certified by TUV Nord Germany as per latest Germanaisher LLyod 'GL-2010' guidelines.

Our minimalist design eliminates the non performing bulk of the turbine. Direct drive technology, with variable speed permanent magnet generator is a high efficiency - low maintenance platform. Latest technology gives improved uptime, and combination profile epoxy fiber blades enhances output at low winds. Global supply chain partnerships and innovative process technology add to our strengths.

Extol Wind is setting up wind energy projects in India & North America. Ongoing projects have regulatory approvals, land acquisition, and grid infrastructure. Cash flows are secured with long term government PPAs. Our portfolio ranges from distributed generation to utility scale wind power projects. By providing long term warranty on the turbines, Extol is achieving high standards in reliability.

Extol undertakes joint venture manufacturing and technology partnerships with leading wind energy producers around the world. With 1.0 MW and 2.5 MW models, Extol is fast emerging as a promising global player.