Xyron Technologies is the technology arm of Extol Wind. State of art design capabilities of Xyron is comparable with world leaders in wind energy.

Our design platform outperforms current design technologies in efficiency and reliability. We minimize the number of moving parts in the turbine to eliminate possibilities of component failures. The high performance turbine achieve significantly better plant load factor (PLF) than its counterparts. A compact design eliminates the gear box drive train, and permanent magnet slow speed generator improves generation in low wind conditions. The energy comes as an additional return on investments.

Company Profile

Extol Wind


Founded: 2004

Founder: Gyan Bhatnagar 


Areas of expertise: 
Design advance technology direct drive wind turbines and its components.

Tailored for performance

The strength of proprietary technology gives flexibility to design as per local conditions and incorporate necessary corrections. Our direct drive platform (1 MW,2.5 MW) turbines are well suited for variety of weather conditions. The turbines have technological advancements in design including direct drive gearless technology, variable speed permanent magnet generator, and combination profile epoxy blades.

Xyron Technologies